3 Quick Afternoon Projects That Can Transform The Look Of Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling projects can become expensive and drag out for months on end. But not wanting to undertake a full remodeling project doesn't mean you're stuck with the bathroom you have now. There are a few quick afternoon projects that can transform your bathroom for a fraction of the price of a remodel.

Bathtub Refinishing

Does your bathtub have rust stains that won't come out? Is the color about 20 years past its trend or so worn down in places you can't make out the original color? Try a bathtub refinishing project.

Most hardware or home improvement stores sell bathtub refinishing kits that include a waterproof and heatproof acrylic-based paint. Make sure the room is well ventilated before you begin your project, and use a face mask, as the paint tends to have a strong smell. You can apply the paint with a roller but you need to work carefully to avoid creating any textured bubbles on the surface of the paint.

The refinishing kits come in a variety of natural colors such as white, tan and off-white. But if you're feeling a bit unconventional, you can stir in some powdered pigment to dye the paint a bolder color. If your tube needs a remodel and you don't have an afternoon to do the project yourself, you can hire the pros from a company like Tub Solutions Inc

"Frosted" Glass Shower Door

Do you have glass shower doors that you wish had more personality? Head to your local craft store to purchase some frosted glass spray and some stencils.

Use painter's tape to adhere the stencils to the front of the glass door where you want your designs. Read the instructions on the frosted glass spray then use the product over the stencils. Allow the designs to dry for a few minutes before removing the stencils. Let the designs dry at least overnight before you take a hot shower in the bathroom, so the humidity doesn't cause the spray to drip.

New Tile Flooring

How is new flooring a quick afternoon project? It can be if you purchase some peel and stick vinyl tile. The designs and colors available have improved greatly over the years, and many vinyl tiles now look as nice as ceramic.

Ensure you'll like the final results by first laying out the tiles, still on the backing, across your existing floor. This lets you see how any patterns need to be arranged. It also provides a last chance for you to change your mind if you don't like the color. Otherwise, start peeling and sticking the vinyl.

You can carefully trim pieces with scissors to fit around floor vents, your pipes or other floor obstacles.