4 Trends To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

One of the most expensive rooms in your home to remodel is the bathroom, and for good reason. There are many trends today that are changing the bathroom from a space that is utilitarian, to one that has designer flourishes with high-tech features. If a bathroom remodeling job is in your future, you must consider adding these features that will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Designer Shower Trends

The shower is no longer known for being a basic plastic shell with a shower curtain. Showers of the modern age can feature frameless glass doors that run from your ceiling down to the floor. It can also include unexpected earthy tones that are quite different from traditional stainless steel silver tones of the past. Even the glass can be completely clear, frosted, slightly textured, or be etched with a beautiful design.

A shower can be as beautiful as you want it to be, while also containing practical features that make it handicap accessible.

Dual Flushing Toilets

Homeowners are looking to be more eco-friendly when possible, and this includes considerations for how much water the bathroom toilet uses. A popular feature is to have dual flushing modes that use the standard amount of water, and a low-volume mode that uses a much smaller amount. It not only saves you money on your water bill, but saves the environment as well.

Touchless and Touch Faucets

While you might have seen these specialized faucets in public restrooms, the elegance of having a touchless or touch faucet is becoming more popular in the home. Touchless faucets allow you to simply place your hands underneath the faucet, and a motion sensor will activate the water. Touch faucets will let you touch anywhere on the faucet to activate the water for a limited amount of time.

Advanced Bathroom Technology

Practically everything these days is going digital, and the bathroom is not excluded. While you may have first seen bathroom technology with heated toilet seats, there are now advanced temperature controls in showers that allow you to set the exact temperature of the water for optimal comfort.

The medicine cabinet has also improved, with some offering refrigeration for medications and cosmetics that are temperature-sensitive. Televisions can even be inserted into a medicine cabinet, making the TV appear as if it is in the mirror.

By considering these trends when remodeling your bathroom, you can turn it into a spa-like oasis that you have always dreamed of. Talk to a contractor like Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida about your options today.