Three Ways To Get The Look Of Hardwood Without Real Wood In Your Bathroom

If you are remodeling your bathroom, flooring is something that you will want to consider. You may even want to have hardwood because it is the flooring you have in other areas of your home. In bathrooms, this can be a problem due to moisture and water that is in a bathroom environment. It is not advisable to use hardwood in your bathrooms, but there are some options to get the look of hardwood without using real wood. Here are three things that you can do to give your bathroom the look of hardwood:

1. Using Vinyl Flooring Materials That Look Like Hardwood

Vinyl flooring is an affordable solution to get the look of wood floors in your bathroom. There are many choices for this type of flooring, such as rolls with a wood grain color and pattern on them. There are also snap-in-place systems that work much like engineered wood floors, which can look like many different woods and have the appearance of real hardwood flooring. These can cost a little more, but are an ideal solution for wood flooring in areas with a lot of moisture.

2. Lightweight Concrete And Acid Staining For A Wood Grain Appearance

Lightweight concrete can also be a good solution for the flooring in your bathroom. To give the structure of your home more protection, a rubber membrane can be installed and then concrete poured over it. This concrete can be mixed with fiberglass fibers to reduce its weight and then stained with acid to simulate the look of hardwood in your bathroom. If you want to have something like in-floor heating in your bathroom renovations, this is a great solution because the heating system can be embedded in the concrete.

3. Epoxy Finishes Over A Variety Of Materials To Simulate The Look Of Wood

Another option to get the look of wood flooring in your bathroom is to use an epoxy flooring. This can be done in several layers with the first layer having coloring of wood grains and patterns, and then a clear layer applied to finish it. Alternatively, you can use a material like wood or synthetic wood materials under the clear epoxy finish. There are also materials like bamboo, which are more resistant to moisture and, with an epoxy coating, can be very durable.

These are some of the ways that you can add the look of hardwood to your bathroom without worrying about it being damaged. If you want to remodel your bathroom and use some of these flooring ideas, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor (such as one from JK Cabinets & Design) to get help with the renovations to the bathroom in your home.