3 Ways To Cover An Etched Glass Shower Door

During previous bathroom remodels you purchased an etched glass shower door that perfectly matched your new design scheme. Years later, you've changed the scheme but feel stuck with the door. If it's not within your budget to completely replace the door, there are a few design tricks you can use to cover the etched door.

Hang a Shower Curtain

Mount a decorative shower curtain on the outside of your glass shower door. Choose one of the valence plus panel types of curtain sets so that the hung look resembles traditional curtains. Make sure you mount a curtain tie off to the side so you can get the curtain out of your way when you need to take a shower.

Why a shower curtain instead of a traditional curtain? Shower curtains are made to withstand moisture better than a fabric curtain. And shower curtains come in a wider range of fun colors and patterns that can let your imagination run wild.

Use Frost Spray

Cans of frost spray can be used on a plain glass shower door to mimic the look of etching. But a liberal use of the spray can also be used to cover up existing edging.

Use painter's tape to cover any side metal pieces of the door that you don't want frosted. Follow the spray can's directions on how to apply the paint. Use a generous amount so that you completely cover the etched design. Note that this can end up giving you a solid white door so take that under consideration if your existing etching will prove hard to cover.

Stick Up a Privacy Window Cling

Privacy window clings mimic the look of a frosted or etched window to offer privacy on plain windows. If your current etching pattern is easier to cover, you can use one of these clings on the outside of the shower door.

Choose a mosaic or other closely grouped pattern to best cover your existing edging. Note that the cling is repositionable so you can peel it off and move it if you don't like the initial placement. Because the cling doesn't glue on, the cling can become loose over time and require you to stick it back onto the glass with a firm rub of your hands.

Still not happy with the look of your shower door? Contact a local bathroom remodeler like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen and ask to see current models and pricing. A financing plan might make a total replacement possible for you.