4 Mistakes To Avoid Making When Installing A Hardwood Floor

If you are getting ready to install hardwood flooring on your own, it may appear to be a simple job. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes you can make that will cause your floor to look bad or become damaged. Follow these tips to avoid the pitfalls many homeowners fall into.

Immediately Installing Flooring After Purchasing It

One of the tricks with installing hardwood flooring is that it needs to acclimate to the environment it is going into. That is because the humidity levels in your home can actually change the shape of the wood.

If you immediately install your hardwood flooring, it will most likely look fine for the first few weeks. You will then start to notice the wood cracking, expanding, buckling, and even breaking. Wait at least 3 days until you start the installation process, and the wood will have taken its final shape and make for an easy installation.

Forgetting To Install A Moisture Barrier

The moisture barrier plays a key role in helping your hardwood flooring maintain its shape, as it prevents moisture from getting into the wood from underneath it. Some homeowners may forget to install the moisture barrier, which can lead to problems down the road. The consequences of forgetting the moisture barrier are similar to not letting the wood acclimate in your home, as the flooring could change shape due to exposure to moisture.

Not Racking The Hardwood

Before you put in your first nail, you will need to loosely rack the hardwood on the floor. The process involves laying each plank down on your floor in the approximate place that it will go, allowing you to judge the similarities in color and how the planks are staggered.

It's an easy step to forget, and can lead to a floor that looks ugly despite the wood being beautiful. Make sure that you group planks that have similar grain and color, and stagger each plank so that it does not end at the exact same point as an adjacent one.

Starting The Installation At The Wrong Spot

When installing hardwood, you want to start at a corner of the room that comes to a 90 degree angle. This will set a good foundation for the rest of the room, and create straight lines that look great. Starting in the middle of the room can lead to making unnecessary cuts and a potentially crooked installation.

If you don't feel confident that you can install your flooring on your own, contact a local hardwood flooring company like Upchurch's Hardwood Installation Refinish & Repair or others in your area that can help do the job for you.