How To Keep The Wood Flooring At Your Apartment In The Best Condition

Living in an apartment with beautiful wood floors can be a dream come true, but the maintenance required is quite a bit different than homes with tile or carpeting. Whether the apartment has original floors and is several decades old or is fairly new, you'll need to become familiar with what kind of work is involved with maintaining the wood flooring.

The following tips can all help you achieve the clean and scratch-free look of maintain wood floors.

Choose a Vacuum Designed for Bare Floors

The easiest way to keep wooden flooring in good shape is by using a vacuum cleaner that has settings for bare flooring. This will help retract anything abrasive in the vacuum, giving your floors a good cleaning without the risk of scratching. A standard vacuum, besides being potentially damaging to the floors, can also lead to a lot of debris being missed while vacuuming. 

Protect Floors with Felt Pads on Your Furniture

To keep your wood floors in good shape, you'll need to consider the possibility that your furniture could scrape against it and lead to deep scratches. If you have any furniture with pointed edges or even soft legs, you'll still want to create felt pads that can help add a bit of protection to your floors. 

Make Sure Your Pets Aren't Scratching the Floor

If you have any pets living with you in the apartment, it's a good idea to keep up with nail trimming. Along with nail trimming, it's recommended to take your dog out for extended walks on pavement and buying a scratching post indoors for your cat to keep their nails short.

Use Natural Cleaners for Wood Floors

When browsing through the cleaning solutions available at a local store, it can be tempting to choose just any solution designed for bare floors. Whether the flooring in your apartment still has waxing present or its been long gone, you'll need to look into getting a natural cleaner designed for wood floors so that no damage is done.

Leave Waxing and Buffing to the Landlord

If the wood flooring has some scratches, it may seem best to rent a buffing machine or tackle waxing on your own. While these are both good ideas, it's best to leave this to your landlord since you're living in a rented space.

As you become familiar with all the options for keeping wholesale hardwood flooring in good condition, you'll be able to feel good knowing that your apartment looks spotless and that you won't be charged your security deposit upon moving out.