3 Reasons To Choose Tile For Your Home

There are so many people who choose to put tile flooring in their house. Tile is great for many reasons -- it is durable, it looks great and it is timeless. You can rarely go wrong with tile. Here are a couple circumstances where you should choose tile for your house.

1. You Live In A Humid Climate

Humidity can be horrible on your flooring. Hardwood floor, although beautiful, is very sensitive to moisture. It can still expand and become ruined if it has a lot of moisture around it. For this reason, people who live in humid and warm climates usually do better if they use tile in their kitchen or even around the main area of the house.

Another great thing about tile in warm and humid climates is that it will help to cool down the house. Tile stays naturally cooler so you can cool your house without pumping the AC. Many people choose to install tile throughout the house and then simply put down rugs instead of carpet. This will help to keep the flooring from becoming ruined because of the humidity and keep the house cool.

2. A Kitchen Backsplash

Right behind the stove and the oven in the kitchen, you can put up a backsplash. This is a great way to liven up the area and keep it safe. When you cook, you get a lot of steam and grease that will penetrate the wall. Over time, the wall can easily become ruined or discolored. If you put up a tile backsplash, it will protect the wall.

The tile is so durable that you can easily wash off the tiles when you get grease, smoke or steam on them. They should last for a long time without needing any repair. This is why many people choose tile for their backsplash.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are by far the best place to put tile. This is because tile is so impervious to water. Say you have young children taking a bath and they tend to splash. Although you want to clean up the water right away, if it happens to sit for a while, it isn't going to hurt the tile. Tile is the ideal choice for bathrooms for this reason. So even if you decide to put other flooring throughout the house, you should opt for tile to be put in every bathroom.

These are just a couple places where tile is a great choice in your home.