Four Things You Will Want To Know About Combining Different Siding Styles On Your Home

If you are renovating your home and adding new siding, there are many choices for styles. You can use lap siding, board-and-batten and shakes. These materials can also be combined to highlight details in the design of your home for a more elegant look. Before you decide what will look best for your home, you may want to know about the different things that can be done using various siding materials.

Here are some things that you may want to know before having different siding styles installed on your home:

1. Where To Install Lap Siding On Your Home

If you are going to use different styles of siding on your home, conventional lap siding can be a good choice in the right place. It works best for large open walls on lower areas of your home. You may not want to use it for areas like gables and architectural details, which are areas where different siding styles will look better.

2. Using Shakes For Architectural Details With Siding

Shake can be a great way to add a different design to the style of siding on your home. It is good for things like gables and architectural details like columns. If you have porches that are going to get siding, using shakes in these areas can be a great way to give these areas a different look from the rest of the siding on your home.

3. Trim To Divide Different Sections Of Siding Styles

Trim can be used to divide the different styles of trim you use on your home. If you have siding that changes when it reaches the roof elevations, frieze-boards can be installed here to separate the different materials. You can also use wider corner trim to change siding on horizontal wants. Using trim will help to give the siding design a visual divider.

4. Creating Different Looks With Board-And-Batten Siding

Board-and-batten siding can also be a great material to create different looks. It can be great to add a pattern to a cable. With fiber cement panels, you will be able to create any type of design you want for your board-and-batten siding, which will not have to be uniform in pattern like other siding materials such as vinyl.

These are some of the things that you may want to know before using different siding materials on your home. If you are ready to give your home a makeover with new siding, contact a siding contractor and talk with them about some of these options for your home. To learn more, contact professionals such as Vantage Point Exteriors LLC to learn more.