Quick Fixes To Create Chic Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Bring some chic style to your kitchen's cabinets, either by hiring a contractor or by adopting some techniques to transform tired fixtures. Changing the cabinetry will make a dramatic statement in your kitchen, and actually, your entire home will benefit from updated cabinets. Try some strategies that may be able to salvage your cabinets, while giving your home a fresh, new look.

The class of glass

Have a contractor temporarily remove the doors to the cabinets and cut out patterns or inserts in the center of each one. Next, have glass secured to the back to create a peek-a-boo style cabinet door that will make the room seem lighter and brighter.

High-end hardware

An even faster way to change and upgrade your cabinets is by taking off the existing hardware, hinges, knobs, and pulls to create a minimalist look that is modern and chic. Stain or paint integral hinges or screws with the same color as the cabinet to create cohesion. Keep them simple and without distracting details.

No dull doors

Along the same lines as the previous suggestion, have a contractor remove each of the cabinet doors for you and have him fill in any holes or spaces that hardware may have left behind. Removing the doors will make your space seem larger and less occupied. When you remove doors from your cabinets, remember that this will force you to keep dishes and utensils tidy and organized.

Sleek, shiny paint

Give your old cabinets a quick coat of a shiny gloss-paint. Try black or white enamel for a modern look, or go with something textured or streaky for a country feel. Bring a pop of color to your cabinets by simply stenciling a design on the doors and filling it in with vibrant paint colors.

Trim with tin

Another fun idea is to trim your cabinets with some adhesive tin tiles, often found in home improvement venues. These can be cut and shaped to fit your spaces and make an excellent border or detail for your cabinet doors.

Consult with contractors from a company like Encore Cabinets & Design about the best approach to updating your current kitchen cabinets. There may be some cost-effective ways to enhance your fixtures without spending more than your budget allows. You may be able to use these tips to give them a major makeover for a fraction of the cost to buy new cabinetry.