Creating Safe And Beautiful Windows In Your Nursery

As you begin to consider how you will decorate your nursery, you'll want to keep safety in mind. While your bouncing bundle of joy won't be mobile for for the first few months, planning ahead for when your child begins crawling, standing and climbing will ensure the room is baby- and toddler-proof. Here are a few ideas for creating safe and beautiful window looks in the nursery.

Consider Window Replacement

If your windows are old, have heavy wooden sashes or have difficulty staying open, you may want to consider replacing them before you begin to decorate. Consider casement windows that open out, as they won't run the risk of closing on little fingers. Talk to your remodeling contractor about locks and secure screens for an added layer of safety in the room.

Use Curtain Rods That Are Secured To The Wall

While tension rods are easy to install without the use of tools. they can pose a danger to little ones. Remember that at some point, your child may try to pull himself up using a curtain. If you hang your curtains with a tension rod, the entire window treatment could come crashing down. If you aren't comfortable installing a curtain rod yourself, talk to your contractor about having one professionally installed.

Invest In Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains come in many wonderful colors and prints. They can bring beauty to your nursery window while also keeping the room dark when it's time for your little one to take a nap. Blocking out the sunlight can also be a great thing for you or your partner when you want to grab a quick nap in the middle of the day.

Avoid Choking Hazards

Beaded curtains, tiebacks with small tassels or small embellishments can be choking hazards for little ones. Make sure that all of the window treatments and accessories you use are free from these little pieces that babies and toddlers might be tempted to put in their mouths. You should also take this opportunity to make sure that all cords for your drapes and blinds are secured using child-proof cord winders. This will prevent your child from getting tangled in the cord, which can be a strangulation hazard.

Talk to your remodeling contractor or window replacement company, like, about how to keep your windows safe, and be sure to ask about other baby-proofing measures you can take in the nursery. Once you have everything in the nursery safe and secure, you'll be ready to bring your little one home so you can start your lifelong family adventure.