Need A Kitchen Change? Easy Ways To Update Your Space

If you want to update your kitchen and have it remodeled but you aren't sure where to start, you'll want to talk with a kitchen remodeling professional. If you have solid wood countertops and wood flooring you may be able to save these items while you work on the rest of the kitchen. You may not have to gut it and start over, but here are some things you want to consider.  


Get the wood flooring and the countertops sanded and stained to a color that you want for the kitchen. If you have sturdy cabinets it shouldn't be difficult to stain them and use them for years into the future. You can stain the flooring differently from the cabinets if you want, and white cabinets are a fresh clean looking choice. 


Appliances can change the entire look of the kitchen even if you have older cabinets and other structural items. Getting new stainless steel appliances is worth the investment if you want the space to look new, and there are a variety of energy efficiency kitchen appliances that can save you money over time by lowering utility bills.


If you don't have stone countertops your countertops aren't following the trends. You'll want to invest the money to have granite, quartz, marble, or even Corian countertops installed. The natural stones are resistant to water and heat and can last for decades. Corian looks like stone and is durable. Any of these options will improve the property value.

Hardware and Lighting

The hardware and the lighting in the space need to be updated. You want handles, door hinges, and knobs and other items that are brass, gold or outdated should be replaced. Adding a chandelier or track lighting are modern touches for a kitchen, along with canned lighting and other modern fixtures. 

The kitchen professionals (such as those from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel) can give you layout options to get more space in the kitchen if you feel that it's cramped, or ways to add more countertops or cabinetry. If you don't have an island or a pantry that is something you can strive for to get more storage options in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the places you use most in the home so make sure it's functional and modern. Get multiple estimates for the contractor and for the materials to see what is a fair price and what the different materials cost.