What To Look For When Shopping For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are perfect for kitchens because they are practical and easy to maintain. They are also very affordable, especially if you are able to install your own product. This is actually quite easy if you buy the right type of floor. Some hardwood products are specifically designed to be installed by the consumer. These affordable floors can be installed in your kitchen with minimal tools and no professional training. This article explains what to look for in a flooring product if you are considering installing it on your own.

Interlocking Design

First, you want to buy a product with interlocking planks. Most brands will slightly differ from one another, but the basic concept is the same on all systems. One side of the plank has a tongue, while the other has a groove that it fits into. The tongue slides into the groove when inserted at an angle. Then, when you snap it down, it locks into place. You usually need to then lightly knock the other side of the plank to tighten the fit and ensure that the seams are tight.

You will need to cut the planks to the right length using a compound miter saw. But, besides this, most of the installation can be done without heavy or expensive power tools. The installation does require a fair bit of bending down and lifting, but the individual planks are manageable because they are not very heavy. If you have one or two helpers, you can lay flooring in a large room within a day.

Prefinished Floors

Prefinished hardwood products are easier to install and own in the long run. Every manufacturer will have a slightly different finish, but most are made out of some sort of epoxy or laminate. Regardless, you want a floor with a fully sealed and waterproof finish. This way you don't need to seal or stain your floor before or after it is installed. The finish also protects the floor from dings and scrapes. You won't need to be patching and restaining your floor if you buy a product with an epoxy finish. In the long run, you will save a lot of time and money if you buy a prefinished floor.

In conclusion, if you are going to install your own hardwood floor, make sure you buy a product that has a modular design and a sealed finish. They are the easiest to install, but also the easiest and cheapest to own in the long run.

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