Renovating Your Kitchen For Easy Cleaning

When you have kids in the house, you need the high-traffic areas to be as easy to clean as possible. When it comes to your kitchen, ease of cleaning becomes a top priority. Milk gets spilled, paint brushes get washed and food sometimes gets thrown. Because of this, every surface in the kitchen must be as easy to clean as it can possibly be. Here, you will get a few ideas to help you choose materials for your kitchen renovation to ensure that you can get those kids' messes cleaned up quickly and with minimal effort.


Although ornate cabinetry is beautiful, it will add extra time to the cleaning process. Stick with slab-front cabinets that have no grooves to catch food and drinks when they spill. This will make it easier for you to clean and reduce those small spaces that will grow mold if spills are missed and not immediately cleaned up.


The last thing you need in your kitchen is small grooves between tiles that need to be given special attention. Try to choose a flooring material that does not require the use of grout. Laminate, concrete, vinyl or linoleum flooring are the easiest to clean options requiring nothing more than a damp mop to restore them to the original finish.


Just like with the floor, you don't want to have to worry about cleaning the grout on your countertops, so stay away from tile countertops. Corian, laminates, stainless steel, granite and quartz are all great options that will last a very long time and are easy to clean no matter what type of mess you have to deal with.


Many homes are built using tile as the backsplash, but since you are looking for a design that is easy to keep clean, opt for full-sheet materials. This could be glass, stainless steel or slab stone of any kind. For affordability and ease of installation, consider a laminate backsplash. 

Window Treatments

Stay away from any window treatments that cannot be sent through the washing machine. If you have to send your window treatments out to be dry-cleaned every time something is spilled on them, you will end up shelling out a fair sum of money over the years. Cotton-poly blend fabric is probably the best option for easy stain removal, washing and drying.

Talk with a local kitchen renovation expert like those at Interior Expressions to discuss other options of creating an easy-to-clean kitchen for your family to enjoy for the next several years.