The Many Benefits Of A Walk-In Shower

Shower time can either be a brisk time simply about cleaning your hair and your body, or a time of deep relaxation to help you cleanse yourself from the everyday worries of the world. But if your little three feet by three feet shower isn't quite big enough to stand comfortably in – let alone relax in – then maybe it's time you swap out the cubicle for the large space and grand feeling of a walk-in shower. So if you're wondering what the benefits of a walk-in shower are, then here's what you need to know.

Wide Open Spaces

The first (and most obvious) reason to trade in your current shower for one of the walk-in variety is that it's just a whole lot bigger than your average cubicle or tub-based shower. All that space not only makes it easier to move around but also allows you to put in a chair if standing for a long time is hard due to a health condition or a stool that allows for easier shaving. Lastly, a bigger shower, while technically is more surface area to clean, is much easier to clean than a small shower, as you can maneuver around with a large wet mop much more easily, and thus be more efficient and spend less time cleaning.

Full Relaxation

Possibly the most enticing reason for upgrading to a walk-in shower is that it allows for maximum relaxation potential. It has room for a lounging chair, multiple faucet heads, grab bars (if needed), shelving that can contain all your bathing needs…the list is endless and entirely dependent on what you want in a shower. You don't have deal with any of the regular shower annoyances while you're showering either – there's more space for water to collect, so the drain won't get stopped up, and a half-wall prevents anyone from coming in and yanking the shower curtain just to startle you.

Resale Value

The resale value of your new walk-in shower might be enough alone to motivate you into making a change; so long as your home has another bathtub in it, ripping out a tub to put in your walk-in shower will increase, rather than decrease, your resale value, especially among the elderly. This has been true for a couple of years now, and walk-ins show no signs of decreasing in popularity. For more information, talk to a professional.