Enjoy Hosting Basement Gatherings? Have A Bar Installed

If you're the type of person who frequently hosts gatherings of friends in your basement, it's important to think of how to make this space more enjoyable and welcoming for the group. One way that you can do so is by hiring a remodeling contractor to install a bar in a specific part of your basement. While you might already own a number of decorations that will be suitable to hang in this space, the actual renovation project can transform the look of your basement and make your house an even hotter hangout spot for your friends. Here are some elements that you'll want to think about for this project:

The Bar Itself

When it comes to having a bar installed in your basement, you have a few options. You can either buy a bar or have your remodeling contractor build one. The latter is generally easier — bars are not only expensive to buy but can also be a hassle to transport and get down to your basement. Conversely, when you opt to have a bar built for you, it can be constructed of your desired materials and at the precise size to fit the space. Generally, the structure of the bar can be built from plywood, and then the exterior can be covered with hardwood, natural stones, or whatever material you favor.

The Back Wall

Another key element to think about when you're having a bar installed in your basement is the wall behind it. For people sitting at the bar or standing around it, the wall is often a focal point. While you might adorn it with decorations and/or a large mirror, give some thought to the wall itself. One visually pleasing finish to consider is having the wall covered in a brick motif. Your remodeling contractor doesn't necessarily need to build a brick wall; instead, he or she can buy brick veneers to affix to the existing wall to give you the look you desire.


For a basement bar to truly look right, it has to have the appropriate lighting. Generally, bar lighting will consist of a combination of wall sconces on each side of the bar, and hanging lights directly overhead. It's unlikely that your basement currently has this lighting setup, so you'll need your remodeling contractor to run the necessary wires to give you this look. You can search for the fixtures that you like, and your contractor can hook them up for you.

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