Add A Pantry Feature And Various Decor To Your Kitchen

Limited cabinet space may affect the amount of groceries that you purchase on a weekly basis or you may usually stack products on the floor or inside of another room. If you have an upcoming kitchen remodeling project, request that a makeshift pantry be installed in one of the corners of the room. The pantry will provide plenty of storage and ease of access.

A Custom Wall Design Or A Separate Unit

Choose a custom wall design that includes a backdrop that contains exposed brick or paneling and some shelving units that are built into the wall. Select a swinging or a sliding door style that is constructed of the same material and request that your remodeling contractor secures it to the front of the pantry.

For a more versatile approach, pick a baker's rack, a standalone shelving system, or a bookcase and designate the item as the area where food products will be stored. Work the item into the design of the kitchen by adding textured paint or stain to exposed surfaces. Choose a door style that is attractive, like a louvered door or one that features ornate trim.

Supportive Materials

The remodeling project may include adding a barrier around the pantry to provide the illusion that the pantry was part of the original design when the kitchen was first constructed. Request some material suggestions from your remodeling contractor. The barrier can consist of floor-to-ceiling wall panels or ones that meet the height of the unit that is being used to store food.

Recessed or drop lighting that is installed above the pantry will make the food storage area accessible when other lighting inside of the kitchen isn't turned on. Purchase LED light tubes or bulbs, since either type of light will not need to be replaced as often as halogen tubes or bulbs.

Incorporate a design along the upper edge of the kitchen. The design can be contained on narrow wallpaper strips or you can have it painted directly on each wall. Use the border design in other parts of the kitchen. For example, if you chose a seashell motif, purchase some dish towels, a toaster cover, and wall hangings that contain seashell designs.

Display all of the designs within view of the pantry. Tidy up the rest of your kitchen and consider fresh paint and the professional cleaning of appliances to give the entire kitchen an updated and fresh perspective. 

Contact a company that offers kitchen renovation services to learn more.