5 Ways To Use Glass Blocks In Your Bathroom Remodel

Glass blocks, also known as glass bricks, are frequently found in bathrooms. They often go well with bathroom aesthetics, and they can be a great way to let filtered light in. You should consider glass blocks for use in your bathroom if you're planning on a remodel. They may have more applications than you'd expect.

Here are just a few potential ways you could use glass blocks in your next bathroom remodel.

1. As a bathroom window

Glass blocks are popular for bathroom windows because they can form a somewhat obscured window surface that allows for some privacy, while still letting in a lot of natural light. If you'd like a stained glass effect, you can even choose tinted glass blocks for the window to color the light as it comes through.

2. As a decorative wall

Inside your bathroom, you can also build decorative walls with glass blocks. For instance, if you'd like to build a partial wall enclosing your sink or one that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom, glass blocks can be a great material to work with. They are easy to install, and they provide an elegant aesthetic, so they're great for walls that are both functional and decorative.

3. As a shower enclosure

Similar to building a wall inside your bathroom, you can create a shower enclosure with glass bricks. This requires building a three-dimensional structure, but your remodeling contractors should be easily able to accomplish it.

Make sure to think about the color options before the remodel gets started, too. Blue glass blocks can go well with any ocean-related or beach-related theme, or you can choose several colors and have your contractors create a shower enclosure wall with a pattern such as a stripe or a checkered effect.

4. As a skylight

Like windows, skylights can be great for providing natural lighting in your bathroom. If your shower isn't near an exterior wall, you may want to install a skylight over the shower to let the natural light in. Glass blocks can be an attractive and durable material for this.

5. As a tub surround

You can build a custom tub surround out of glass blocks as well. You can also use cool lighting effects, such as installing lights behind the glass blocks so they'll provide a light show while you're soaking in the tub.

These are just some of the uses for glass blocks in your bathroom. If you're considering a bathroom remodel, glass blocks should be one of the materials you consider using. Talk to your remodeling contractor to learn more about the best uses for glass blocks in your remodel. For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling service